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There are sixty species of sea snakes, about thirty four of these species can be found around Australian waters with approximately twelve species found on the Great Barrier Reef. Some of these sea snakes are extremely venomous and have the potential to be fatal to humans. However they possess very small fangs approximately 2-4 mm in length and hollow to allow the venom to pass through. These snakes are not aggressive and considered passive but they will defend themselves if you harass them. However they withhold their venom around seventy five percent of the time they bite something. Very inquisitive by nature and are often seen sticking their heads in crevices and holes searching for food. If bitten medical attention should be sought promptly and a compression bandage applied.


Signs and symptoms

- Immediate pain.
- Evidence of puncture wounds


1. Apply a compression bandage to the area immediately
2. Seek medical attention ASAP

In severe cases, seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Consult your doctor for treatment with suitable medications


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The information provided above is for general purpose use and provided as guidance that is suggestive, not prescriptive, invasive, or medical in nature. You should always consult with or see a medical practitioner for definitive health care information or to receive medical treatment