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Capture And Then Relive The  Moment

 PADIDIGITALUNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHER SPECIALTY is a great way to preserve that underwater experience. 


Relive your favourite experiences by capturing the wonder and adventure of the aquatic realm with digital underwater photography.It's hard to imagine activities more versatile than underwater imaging. Whether snorkelling, exploring reefs, under ice or on wrecks, if there's something worth seeing, there's something worth photographing. This makes underwater photography a pursuit that mixes well with your other diving activities, and one that permits you to share the underwater world with non-divers.  And with the emergence of digital cameras, underwater photography lies within most people's reach and ability. 

Our location is ideal for teaching underwater photography and allows much opportunity for photographing a varied number of marine creatures in calm water.  We have a professional underwater photographer on staff, Gary has won numerous international awards for his photographs, he has worked for several year as a Professional photographer in the most prolific dive location in the world, Cairns in Queensland. He has a number of his images being displayed around the world including the famous Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC and in National Geographic and Time magazine. He holds Photographic Honours (AAPS) with the Australian Photographic Society. 

Our Digital Underwater Photography Specialty course will introduce you to the exclusive SEA Method (Shoot, Examine and Adjust) of digital underwater photography and is available for both divers and snorkellers. You'll learn the fundamentals of underwater photography, from choosing a camera that suits your needs, helpful camera techniques, choosing your subjects wisely and learning to use software to maximise the quality of your photographs.

What You Learn

  • How to choose the right underwater camera system for you
  • The PADI SEA method for getting great shots quickly
  • The three primary principles for good underwater photos

Package Includes:

· Tuition

· PADI Underwater Photographer Manual

· Underwater Photographer  Certification Card

· Hire of BCD, Regulator and Tank

· Equipment Discount for Students on Course  

· Air fills (for entire course)


To make your Certification  card special, consider making a donation to PADI®Project Aware